Oriental vege (gluten free, vegan)


Oriental seasoning:

  • two little dried chilli peppers with seeds
  • 1 tsp color peppercorns
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 tsp garlic flakes
  • 6 cardamon seeds
  • 1 tsp dried lemon grass
  • 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • 2 tsp dried coriander leaves (cilantro)
  • 5 kaffir lime leaves
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/3 tsp ground curcuma

Oriental vege sauce:

  • 10g extra virgin coconut oil
  • 20g  sesame seeds oil
  • 1cm piece of ginger
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 100g leek (white part)
  • a hahdflul of mun mushrooms
  • 800g cauliflower florets
  • 100g green string bean (frozen is OK)
  • red pepper
  • 150g stir-fry sprouts (chickpeas, lentil, mung beans)
  • 250g champignon mushrooms
  • 400g full fat coconut milk (1 tin)
  • 400g filtered water
  • 200g filtered water + 40g potato starch


  • 300g sushi rice
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • water


  1. Prepare a seasoning. Roast spices on a frying pan untill beatiful smell occurs. Place them in a grinder or a blender and crush them about 1 minute with high speed.
  2. Cook rice according to package directions.
  3. Grate ginger and garlic finely,  cut leek in rings, divide cauliflower  into florets,  soak for a while mun mushrooms in a hot water, cut red pepper in stripes and champignons in quarters.
  4. Set a large WOK (frying vessel) on a hot-plate on a high heat with oils. Wait until oil melts and quickly add ginger and garlic. Next add leek and drained mun mushrooms. Later cauliflower , champignons, green string beans red pepper. Reduce the heat to medium and fry for a moment but be careful of not burning the oil.
  5. Pour vegetables in a pan with 400g coconut milk and 400g water. Mix 200g cold water and 40g potato starch in a tin and stir with fork. Add to your pan to thicken your sauce and stir with wooden spoon for few minutes until jelly forms.
  6. Serve hot with rice.

Enjoy your meal!


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