Can autoimmune disease be influenced by diet and lifestyle?


Use the power of your own body and start self-healing autoimmune disease by supplying it with nutrients from the foods you eat every day.

Autoimmune spectrum.

It’s not possible to wake up with diabetes, Alzheimer’s or many additional kilograms in the morning! Antinuclear antibodies may occur many years before the diagnosis of the full spectrum disease. Over time, their concentration increases, inflammation gets stronger and syndoroms become noticeable and palpable. For all these suffering people it’s not easy to realise that antibodies destroy tissues inside their bodies. They miss autoimmune spectrum and notice mature disease, chronically feel painful symptoms and experience organs failure.

When antigen appears in digestive tract, adaptive immune system works. Translocation is strictly controlled by intestinal epithelium cells and tight junctions. When leaky gut occurs, this fact puts us on autoimmune spectrum because of increased intestinal permeability. Many unwanted antigens and partially digested  foods may penetrate intestinal membrane. It triggers constant reaction of immune system and we call it chronic inflammation. Additionally molecular mimicry phenomenon is a problem. This fact leads to autoimmunity when adaptive immune system creates special antibodies against healthy cells (maybe cells infectected by microbes we don’t know yet). This topic certainly requires further investigation and I hope science finds out the real etiology of autoimmune disorders.

Some reserchers say, decreasing intestinal permeability plays a big role in taking back health in every chronic inflammatory disorder! Everything starts in intestines.

Well-being,  no gas, no bloating, no cramps or no pain after a meal, one to three bowel movements per day and no undigested particles in a stool are characteristic for healthy gut.

More about GALT, you may read here


Look at the situation you’ve tried almost everything and all diets recomended in autoimmune disorders that were to heal you miraculosly. But…the truth is, something worked but not completely or everything worsened because you didn’t feel well or suddenly started loosing your kidneys function or other things happen and you still are looking for the solution suited exctly to you. It’s all about me and for the fact of loosing kidneys I truly hate so famous AIP Paleo diet. And then doctors feed you with those fantastic pills that are to decrease your inflammation in a body because they control your body not to attack itself. The truth is they give so many side effects I decided not to take them because in my case disadvantage of taking them was higher than potential advantage of taking.

I know, many people tell me that I’m brave, also many tell me I’m stupid and don’t want to listen to me, to the truth I bring to the world about the thing that our medical service system put flip flops onto doctor’s eyes and even handcuffs onto hands. Some of them behave like blind hens turning around in their everyday routine of only writing prescriptions and blood tests orders. They don’t even touch their patients during visits!! I’ve heard so many times that the things I eat have no influence on my disease and my comfort. Belive me it has! This is a global problem with chronic illnesses, most of these people stopped healing, they just treat with medicaments. Despite that fact,I know about existence of many brave, smart and clever doctors that are not afraid of the system and know what for they took Hippocratic Oath. Long live they!


Look around how polluted environment we live in, contaminated soil, rain and fresh air. In this environment we grow our plants and raise our animals we eat. All industry. We pour our grains in the fields with pesticides, then feed our hens and other animals with them. Eggs become very inflammatory. Our cows actually aren’t able to gaze in the meadows and eat grass, they stand in tight places one by one and are milk cows. When they stop giving milk they are sent for death and become meat cows. Food loaded with chemicals our immune system doesn’t know. Industry with products full of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, flavor enhancers, aromas and of course arachidonic acid that is very very pro inflammatory. Fish full of heavy metals and other toxins eliminated to water.

Full but malnourished.

The paradox of modern times is that we are not hungry but we suffer from malnutrition.

We definetly eat too much processed foods. We need fresh vegetables and fruits to get nutrients from! Your food is your fuel. Just eating is not enough! Nourish yourself everyday and your body will pay you back preety much!

What do I eat?

In my everyday life I compose my meals to provide my body all necessary ingredients. Seek for recipes on my blog labeled with category: super healty and nourishing or anti-inflammatory. At the beginnig it was very hard to eat most of raw foods. I experienced many abdominal issues, even eating carrots was painful. I was getting used to everything slowly and I was making changes gradually. First trans fats, later gluten, later dairy, afer some time I rised to decrease amount of eaten meat because of chronic kidney failure. Suddenly I gave up eating animal products and realised I eat 70% raw and don’t feel I’m cold all the time. This is beautiful because every June I make some changes and feel so positive. This is what I wish you!

A popular theme is that vegans are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency due to not consuming animal products. The truth is that many meat eaters can also be deficient in this vitamin…and are. Both vegans and vegetarians should supplement with vitamin B12 and use fortified products. There was such a book on my way which it was written in, that B12 deposits deplete at least four years after giving up eating meat. However, it’s worth being cautious in this matter, as each of us may need different amounts of it, and it’s incredibly important for the functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems (red blood cells). Often, in theory, levels that are within the reference range can cause neurological symptoms. After a few years of veganism or poorly balanced vegetarianism, B12 deposits can become depleted and cause, for example, paresthesias or megaloblastic anaemia.


My day starts  with a freshly squeezed vegetable juice. It’s important for a “dry” person. Then I wait 15-30 minutes and eat first breakfast. It usually is oatmeal with nuts and fresh fruits or tofu scramble with greens. Then I go to work and about 10 am I eat my second breakfast. During winter it depends but in summer it usually is a green smoothie or a salad with nut dressing. Such a meal should contain many green leaves and sprouts (like spinach, kale, rucola, sunflower leaves, broccoli and kale sprouts, other vegatables and fruits (avocados, papayas, mangoes, blueberries,) and a small amount of oily seeds (flax, chia)or nuts (walnuts,almonds). I often add dried additives like spirulina, chlorella, maca, berries.

During winter we have femented foods like cucumbers or beetroots. Many people say that eating femented foods is very healthy and may help you restore you gut microbiota. In my case at the begining of my health journey when I had such a big dysbiosis it was very harmful. Keep in mind that fermented foods are not probiotics, they are just a source of desirable bacteria. There are many conditions that a probiotic must meet to deserve such a designation. It must be accurately described by genus, species and strain with a number, plus probiotics are most often encapsulated so that they are able to reach the large intestine through our first barrier with the outside world – hydrochloric acid in the stomach (HCl).

Dinner, supper.

For a dinner at about 2 pm I try to compose a meal that contains plant protein. It usually is vegan bowl with excess of green leaves and other vegetables. In winter I need to eat something warming and often add spices like curry, ginger or cinnamon. Mainly half-cooked, for example baked potatoes , sweet potatoes or pumpkin with raw sauces sprinkled with nutritional yeast. Sometimes I eat rice, buckwheat or gluten free rice pasta, sometimes soup, it depends. Fish has become part of my diet and studying dietetics has taught me to be humble about providing complete protein.

No matter what I choose later I always try to eat as much raw food as possible to stay nourished and help my body self-repair process. I also never forget about iodine intake. This is why I sometimes consume vegetarian sushi with wild-caught salmon of add wakame seaweed to my meals. I often make juices in a slow juicer or anti-inflammatory beverages in a high speed blender- I call them immune boosters. I drink many cups of green leaf tea during the day and like to mix this tea with ginger and lemon peel. Another mix is with freeze-dried strawberries and marigold petals.


What about the sweets I present recipes for on my blog? I sometimes prepare and just eat them with a pleasure because my body’s health is associated with my mental satisfaction and I’m not mad at myself when I make a better of bad choices. We sometimes commit sins and it’s better for us to do it with homemade sweets than with those bought in a confectionery full of trans fat and inflammatory ingredients we autoimmune people shouldn’t eat.

My dietary steps and lifestyle changes I’ve taken to start real self-healing my Primary Sjögrens Syndrome:

Other possibilities.

Have you ever tried to think about it in a different way? Maybe conventional medicine doesn’t know the etiology of these diseases and is not able to heal pepople from them but we people looking deeper ourselves into our lives may do really much.

In the light of the experience of the last few years and research it’s probable the hidden cause of these invisible disorders are viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and toxins. Anthony William’s books confirm this theory. His healing plan convinced me to drink celery juice everyday for 1,5 years and I’m very thankful for this. Although I experienced many abdominal and skin issues especially during first three months I can say say I felt great!

Genes make a person susceptible to autoimmune disorders. What you need to know is that genes, according to Lalonde’s concept, are only 16% and that you can control them, the other 84% being a cleaned intestines, liver, proper diet, lifestyle and environmental conditions. That’s right! The environment can also change the expression of your genes, so it makes sense to ensure that clean air, water or safe working conditions in your environment ‘Turn genes on and off”, thus relieving the stress on the immune system. This is the beauty of epigenetics, which does not argue with genetics that considers genes to be something immutable, but allows them to vary under the influence of the world around us and the stimuli from it. The key issue here is methyl group donors, which we can get from foods such as green leafy vegetables – a great source of fibre and B vitamins, especially folate but excluding B12, or beetroot, which has a lot of betanin in it.

Classic doctor will be fighting with disease by weakening and destroying immune system with steroids, immunosuppressants and cytostatic drugs while your right choice will decrease inflammation, strengthen your immune system, improve digestion, help seal the intestinal epithelium cells membrane and improve your stem cells quality. Reverse your autoimmune disease with right dietary choices! Get rid of medicaments and feel happy!

We should consider in ourselves what the way we choose. Tradidional limited by medicaments or unlimited by anything and dependant on the thing we have influence on and can do for ourselves the best as we can! Most of us suffer from malnutrition! Stop being afraid! These things people will dream of tomorrow, you do them today.

Inexplicable truth

Books are something that changed my life and my self- perception in a situation which, according to academic medicine, is so hopeless and there is no rescue. The doctors repeatedly told me to accept the disease and to get on with it. Fortunately…I’ve never got on with this fact. It’s not easy to stay away from stereotypes, tell authority STOP, you won’t feed me with chemicals. I learn all the time following the path to health, I get mature in every aspect in time. Books set trends for me that suit me or not but I try them first. I usually read books written by doctors. I always walk hard on the ground and try to find scientific confirmation in my actions.

“Medicalmedium” book started ridiculously for me. I expected a scientific approach and at the beginning I read about the spirit accompanying a small child. Over time it turned out to be more than just science … That it was spiritual treatment of foods and gratitude for it.

1. I drink at least 500ml (16oz) celery juice and not only in the morning on an empty stomach.

Do you know why did I put this herb on the first place? The fact is that diet is so powerful and is about 70% of your success. Many people are afraid of consuming such amounts of this plant because of it’s presence at DIRTY DOZEN list. But this unique herb like celery is the most powerful remedium I have ever met on my way to health. I’ve never even thought that celery would help me so much…and would help my relatives and friends! I don’t feel any symptoms of autoimmune disease anymore thet I had been experiencing for years. The only sign that still is with me is my anisocoria. But if everybody had only problems like this…

What does celery juice and other vegetable juices do for me?

This of course is the topic for the next post 🙂 but in a shortcut it helps me clean my body, improves digestion, healed my acne, helped me get rid of pains, cleanses my liver and I’m taking back my health. Celery juice cured my reflux disease, which in some body positions was making me feel suffocating. I also don’t get constant colds anymore and my chronic cistitis went away! I’m not that person that couldn’t even get up from bed anymore!

2. I eliminated animal products:

    • meat especially industrial  – in particular due to antibiotics, steroids, hormones and huge pro-inflammatory properties. In addition, today are consumed such quantities of meat that are definitely harmful to the kidneys. According to the latest nutritional recommendations from 2020, we should have 1 “meat free” day during the whole week. Red meat that is full of saturated fats should be eaten in amount less than 0,5kg per week. Legume seeds should be eaten at least twice a week.
    • fish – mainly because of the heavy metals that can accumulate in our tissues and impair their functions. According to studies carried out on fish, the results are astonishing. When fish are tested whole (with skin), they are indeed subject to the law that the larger the fish, the higher the heavy metal content. However, the matter becomes more complicated when fish without skin are tested! This rule does not apply then, and the occasionally fish consumed brings us many benefits in the form of EFAs, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin B12 if we choose to be pescatarians rather than 100% vegans. According to the latest health recommendations, we should eat fatty wild-caught fish twice a week, which is a great source of EFAs for us in the form of the cis isomer – as long as we don’t fry it 😉 I currently very rarely eat homemade sushi with wild-caught salmon or gently smothered fish, depending on how I feel. Herring does a great job if one likes it!
    • eggs – especially those from grain-fed hens, for example with GMO corn. Corn chickens at shops PLN 27 per kilo are not better at those laying next to them for PLN 17.Today’s eggs are incredibly pro-inflammatory, although there are scientific reports of eggs enriched in omega-3 fatty acids.
    • dairy products (milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese) – milk is a long topic, you can click the link and read. Shopped ice cream, overloaded with chemicals, are probably the worst. However, nobody wants to notice this, because a bit of refreshment and pleasure is due to everyone in the summer, especially to children …

Current evidence suggests that the incidence of cancer is low in vegan populations, and experimental studies have revealed a significant role of dietary proteins in cancer development and progression. Animal proteins have been reported to play a significant role in certain cancer types. It is known that dietary advice is difficult to follow for many patients but changing one’s diet to a more plant-based diet has not only been shown to decrease the negative side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients but also to regulate weight, which plays an important role in the outcome of cancer treatments. Especially meat and dairy are a source of arachidonic acid and Omega-6 fatty acids. Both of them produce inflammatory immune mediators like prostaglandins and leukotriens. As Danuta Myłek (PhD) writes in her book, we shouldn’t eat animal bone broths because it contains all the worst substances animal caught to the fat and muscles during it’s entire life.

3. I gave up eating gluten grains and when I feel I’m very sensitive I don’t eat any grains.

Gluten is composition of peptides. It’s found in wheat – gliadin, rye-secalin and barley-hordein. Gluten is responsible for the sticky and elastic texture of the dough. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder caused by inflammatory reaction of host’s immune system triggered by gluten proteins presence in the gut lumen. It’s scientifically proven that presence of gluten in a small intestine lumen is harmful for villi. Villi are responsible for intaking nutrients and without them it’s not possible to absorb important compounds that should be transported to bloodstream to nourish cells. No matter how much you eat, in this case your body is not able to be healthy.

Gluten initiates the production of zonulin responsible for increasing the permeability of intestinal epithelium by opening tight junctions. Loose tight junctions are responsible for not ending inflammation and immune response.

What if I’m not celiac?You may be suffering from non-celiac gluten hypersensitivity, something that makes you gluten intolerant, and for diagnostic reasons there is no way to prove the involvement of immune mechanisms.

It is worth to eliminate gluten from your diet for a while, for a try, to see if mood changes occur. If you already suffer from a diagnosed full-spectrum autoimmune disease, rather give up eating gluten proteins and forget about them forever, just as you did with such pro-inflammatory dairy! Your confused adaptive immune system can produce antibodies against undigested food and microbes through the phenomenon of molecular mimicry, which leads to an autoimmune reaction, organ damage and dysfunction.

To obtain lighter and more fluffy bread, scientists and companies created more resistant gluten that contains unknown proteins for our immune system. We do not evoluate as fast as hybridized plants. By removing the amino group from the gluten protein in a process called deamination, it is everywhere because it suddenly started to dissolve in water. It can be a preservative, thickener, in sausages, in soy sauce, hair shampoo, toothpaste or body lotion.

A large amount of the society has problems in the digestive system related to dysbiosis, which, incidentally, is a consequence of feeding the microbes with inappropriate foods such as sugar and trans fat. This leads to an increase in body weight, a change in body composition in favour of body fat and to the detriment of body hydration, and insulin resistance, i.e. a decrease in cell sensitivity to insulin. The ratio of G(-) to G(+) bacteria increases, which contributes to the release of large amounts of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), an endotoxin that causes metabolic endotoxaemia. This already just elevates all inflammatory markers and triglycerides and not only leads to obesity but is associated with loss of health and immunity and leads to real diabetes. Let me describe dysbiosis as: it gathers all the unpleasant symptoms in the digestive tract that are characteristic of a leaky gut with an inappropriate pH. These symptoms can be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, commonly referred to as SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), and the consequence of this pathology is a classified disease – IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that can lead to autoimmunity due to a disturbed homeostasis and protective barrier in the gastrointestinal tract, where as much as ~80% of the immune system is accumulated!!!

What about eating no grains? What does it mean exactly?

Lectins seem to be a problem. The body to break them down needs correctly working digestive enzymes. They are proteins present in grains and legumes categorized as anti-nutrients. Their excess may be harmful because they bind to nutrients and gastrointestinal tract lining cells and block absorption. They also may bind to carbohydrates and leave the body not harming you or may improve cancer cells growth. To avoid lectins we would have to give up eating: squashes, beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, eggplants, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and other grains. The most potent they are in their raw state. Soaking and cooking decreases its content significantly.

Seeds also may be dangerous. They contain amylase inhibitor and protease inhibitors that impede carbohydrates and proteins digestion and may contribute to inflammation.

Nightshades also may be problematic because of glycoalkaloids and lectins content that may contribute to leaky gut.

After detoxing your body (liver) and letting your immune system get rest, you will find in your diet plan some little space for gluten free grains and other lectin-rich plants. You should consider that nutrients that accompany lectins in plant-based foods are beneficial for your health. At the beginnig of your journey not only gluten may be a problem but cross-reactive dairy, corn, millet, oat rice and yeast. We also don’t know for sure that exclusion of lectins from a diet plan is right. I’m sure of one thing. Excluding them for some time just like I did won’t be harmful and may help your first steps in healing process.

4. I am careful with added oils.

Some people say: “The fat You eat is the fat You wear”. It probably is the truth because people eat too much added oils. They fry their cutlets on refined canola oil…and other oils containing unsaturated fatty acids that in temperature over 65 °C become trans-forms and are very cancerogenic. All we want from oils is anti-inlammatory effect,  metabolic transormations of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) into antiinflammatory prostaglandins (series 1 and 3), not arachidonic acid that produces pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotriens. In this case the neccesary condition is a proper Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio.

Special oil that deserves attention is extra virgin bio coconut oil although it’s a saturated fat. Contains only 5% unsaturated fatty acids what makes it the best oil for frying or sauteing. Medium-chain triglycerides, so-called MCT are esters in which medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) are just attached to glycerol. Thanks to this short carbon chain, metabolism, its digestion and absorption is completely different than in long-chain fatty acid esters LCT (Long-Chain Triglycerides). The human endogenous enzyme – lipase performs the hydrolysis of MCTs, which releases MCFAs from the glycerol backbone. Due to the short chain of these molecules and hydrophilicity, they go directly through the portal vein to the liver, where they undergo a process of  β-oxidation. Such rapid metabolism results in the formation of ketone bodies acting as an immediate source of energy, and the hydrolyzed MCFAs do not have to pass into the lymph to reconstitute MCTs, so there is no risk of accumulation in adipose tissue (unless we have eaten in excess).

Translated with (free version)

Extra anti-inflammatory oil is extra virgin olive oil – absolute exception. People say this is the cause mediterannien cuisine is the healthiest diet ever. Other are: avocado oil, linseed oil (flax seed) – full of Omega-3.

I rather prefer to eat oily seeds and nuts than add pressed oils to my meals. Sometimes in my recipes I use coconut oil or olive oil, but I try to do it very rarely in my everyday life. Take the advantages of eating flax seeds, chia seeds, avocados, walnunts, brasil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds or coconuts (they are not nuts but kernels)


5. I replenished vitamins and minerals levels.

Thanks to the vitamin therapy I went through in November 2018, I avoided taking methotrexate. It’s a cytostatic drug but is used in the treatment of aggressive autoimmune diseases. I wrote about it here.

First of all let’s indicate that your healthy food should be your source of all vitamins and minerals that you need. All you consume should be your fuel, not only food. Sometimes supplements are very helpful especially when your body’s system is overburden and malnourished because you eat all foods cooked or all you eat is just a junk food. Other situation is when you eat fuel but you don’t digest properly and consequently don’t absorb the substances your body needs. It is usually associated with leaky gut and this phenomenon leads to autoimmunity.

Nutrition that positively affects our microbiota:

  1. fruits
  2. vegetables
  3. soaked  legumes
  4. soaked whole grains
  5. fermented foods
  6. healthy fats – olive oil,  soaked nuts, avocados
  7. high quality plant protein for bug growth

And remember about B12 vitamin.

6. I don’t eat isolated sugar and artificial sweeteners.

It’s scientifically proven that artificial sweeteners change the microbiota. Refined carbohydrates and sugars contribute to enlarge yeast population.

7. I diagnosed my food hypersensitivities and I follow the elimination and rotation diet.

Many people with autoimmune diseases suffer from hypersensitivities to some foods. According to physioology, food should be digested and absorbed as nutrients. Proteins are changed into peptides and peptides into aminoacids, polysacharydes are broken in mono sugars like glucose. Excess may be stored as a fat tissue or excreted out of the body with feces or urine.

Hyperreactivity  excessive but normal reaction (abnormally high sensitivity) to a very low dose of  defined stimulus.

What’s the difference between food allergy and food intolerance? People often confuse these two concepts because both are hypersensitivity, but not all hypersensitivity is an allergy or intolerance.

Hypersensitivity  causes objectively reproducible symptoms or signs, initiated by exposure to a defined stimulus that is tolerated by normal subjects.  Classical responses to infection, toxic reactions and autoimmune phenomena are outside the scope of this definition. 

Non-allergic hypersensitivity.

Rrefers to hypersensitivity in which immunological mechanisms can not be proved. Let me describe it as: it gathers all unpleasant symptoms in digestive tract not classified anywhere and characteristic for leaky guts, commonly called IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

As you see here, not every mechanism may be scientifically proven but some people suffer from many hypersensitivities! I’ve even once read in Martin J Blaser’s book (Missing microbes) about a doctor’s (his) daughter who sufferered from gluten-sensitive entheropathy but her celiac disease was not possible to be scientifically proven and she was considered as a non-celiac person. The fact is she wasn’t able to consume gluten.

Food intolerance.

It’s the lack of enzymes to digest and also non-allergic hypersensitivity. It doesn’t require any immune response to react. We leave the irritant and the problem should disappear. 

Food allergy.

It is a hypersensitivity reaction initiated by immunological mechanisms. Immune system becomes to manifest during a second exposure to a specific antigen and produces specific antibodies. Allergens are antigens which cause hypersensitivity in which immunological mechanisms are involved. There are two types of food allergies tested so far:

type I allergy –  IgE antibodies dependent. Scientists call it immediate. From poor clinical symptoms to anaphylactic shock. For exapmle you eat peanuts and get an itchy rash, an insect bites and swells, I eat a melon, my throat swells or anaphylactic shock means a very strong reaction to the eaten protein. As far as I know, histamine-lowering drugs inhibit this reaction. My mother is such a strong allergic to a bee sting that she always carries zyrtec and adrenaline in her purse. She has already been stinged twice and barely managed to get it because she was choking. The blood test can be ordered in any place, it is so popular.

type III hypersensitivity –  IgG  antibodies dependent. This type of hypersensitivityy is strictly connected with increased permeability of intestine tract barrier. Scientists call it immune complexes allergy or delayed because this type of reaction to food can be triggered either quickly or even with a 72-hour delay and we can’t even associate what we ate. And here the topic of the leaky gut has its justification. Only completely broken down proteins into amino acids and nutrients are to pass through the intestines, but the inability to break down food proteins causes undigested proteins to enter the blood through the gates in the intestine, which causes the immune systemreaction. Specific antibodies begin to be produced in this class. Abnormal IgG dependent reactions to food lead to the formation of immune complexes and as a result development of chronic inflammation. Despite this fact IgG dependent allergy seems to be controversial in some environments because it’s said this kind of reaction is physiological.

Tests and diet.

Elimination diets based on the results of IgG testing against specific antigens is beneficial in healing. If we constantly expose the body to such chronic inflammation, we can lead to autoimmunity, as it probably happened to me. Many food proteins show some similarity to the proteins our organs consist of. This is mimicry molecular phenomenon. A confused immune system can misidentify them and sends its lymphocyte guard and we have inflammatory infiltrates in autoimmune diseases. Therefore, for example, people with thyroid problems after giving up eating gluten may feel significant improvement or even remission. Hence all these autoimmune friendly diets that eliminate all proteins that irritate immune system.

I did such a test in Poznan at the Microecology Institute but blood can be donated in Diagnostics at Grabiszyńska in DCchP at the very bottom of the building. You wait about three weeks. The dizzying cost was 1700 PLN in 2017. I don’t know how much is that now. There is also a competitive company from Poznan, Vitaimmun, which tests the reaction to food not only in the IgG class but also in IgA. A third company involved in such testing is Cambridge Diagnostics from Warsaw.


Remember that titre of IgG antibodies is not directly proportional (equiporoportional) to clinical symptoms. Small amount of antibodies may trigger stronger rection to some proteins than the one that is higher IgG value. If your body reacts rapidly to some foods you should eliminate them for some time (6 weeks to even 1 year) and then try to eat them again but not once. The best would be to eat the for four days and observing your body’s reaction. In my case it’s been over 2 years and I had no chance to come back to pineapple and banana that I love! Rotating foods in a diet plan is also very important. Don’t eat everyday the same meals! Eat them every four days.

8. Get rid of toxins, heavy metals – I think it’s in progress…

  • if possible buy BIO, ECO, Organic foods, the cleanest as possible with certificates
  • don’t eat meat with antibiotics. These chemicals destroy your microbiome in digestive tract and you need your good bacteria so desperately!
  • avoid preservatives, colourings, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers
  • don’t drink alcohol, it’s destructive for your microbiome
  • clense your body all the time with powerful foods!
  • cosmetics and cleaning supplies – it would be the best if you threw chemicals out. Replace them with natural products. As a face cream and others I usually buy WELEDA products. In my thirties I started using as a night cure combination. I mix 6 drops of argan oil with 1 drop of carrot seed oil and and 1 drop of raspberry seed oil. Don’t worry these oils have non-comedogenic properties. If we talk about washing powder we have polish company with BioGa brand.
  • birth control pills, antibiotics, prednisone, painkillers
  • stay away from proton pump inhibitors that reduce stomach acid! HCl is your first defence line against external world microbes.

9. I try to sleep well and be relaxed!

Stress increases the permeability of gut allowing bacterial antigens to cross the bowel berrier causing inflammation. It also reactivates dormant infections. Yoga practice is a very good anti-stressor!

10. After more than 3 years, I found out that I’ve been eating just like the SIRT diet rules!

Add these fantastic ingredients to your meal plan! Sirtuin products are the common denominator of all diets commonly considered the healthiest. They provide an effective fight against metabolic diseases, obesity and inflammation. These are products rich in polyphenols, some permanently bound to fiber (NEPP – small amount in leafy greens) that activate SIRT proteins in our body – they affect the genes encoding sirtuins: SIRT (1-7, but 1 – the thinness gene in the whole body and 3 in mitochondria are most important).

Sirtuins play a big role in our bodies: they repair DNA, deactivate free radicals and slow down the aging process. By activating sirtuins, many chronic diseases can be prevented, or at least inhibited, their progression. Polyphenols are chemicals that plants produce to adapt to stress factors in their bodies – adverse environmental conditions. After all, plants are attached to the ground and, they cannot simply escape from the sun, get dressed when it is cold, or look for and drink water whenever they need it like we do. Therefore, the wilder the plant, the more polyphenols it contains.

Energy deficiency, which occurs in the case of gentle caloric restriction, is a certain stress stimulus for the cells of the body. Sirtuins, on the other hand, respond to this stimulus, become active, and send signals to cells that change their behavior. Sirtuins boost metabolism, increase muscle performance and accelerate fat burning. They can also diminish inflammation and trigger renewal at the cellular level. As a result, our condition improves and the body becomes slimmer and healthier. The phenomenon of adaptation under stress is called hormesis. (What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger :)). The use of someone else’s mechanism against stress for one’s own benefit, i.e. polyphenols produced by plants, is called xenohormesis.

SIRT 1 is called the thinness gene and is found throughout the body. It suppresses the action of PPAR-γ that promotes fat deposition. This protein activates genes that support the conversion of white adipose tissue (WAT) accumulating in the body into brown adipose tissue (BAT), which can be used by mammals for thermogenesis and survival at low temperatures. This can be called fat rendering. In addition, this protein has a positive effect on the proper response of cells to insulin, as well as the secretion and activity of thyroid hormones. It also stimulates the growth of skeletal melting. Although the decrease in SIRT 1 activity in the hypothalamus, which is the head of the endocrine system, occurs naturally with age, special care should be taken not to consume large amounts of sugar and fat.

Main sirtuin products:

  1. chili pepper (luteolin, myricetin)
  2. red chicory (luteolin)
  3. parsley (apigenin, myricetin)
  4. red onion (quercetin)
  5. kale (kaempferol, quercetin)
  6. arugula (kaempferol, quercetin)
  7. capers (kaempferol, quercetin)
  8. lovage (quercetin)
  9. celery (luteolin)
  10. cocoa (epicatechin)
  11. coffee (coffee acid, chlorogenic acid)
  12. Medjool dates (caffeic acid, gallic acid)
  13. walnuts
  14. olive oil (oleoeropiein, hydroxytyrysol)
  15. green tea, preferably Japanese matcha (EGCG epigallocatechin gallate
  16. soybeans, free from GMOs (daidzein, formononetin)
  17. strawberries (fisetin)
  18. turmeric (curcumin)
  19. buckwheat (routine)
  20. red wine (reserweratrol, piceatannol)

11. I have never given up!




Even if you fail to heal completely, you will significantly improve the comfort of your life. You may stop your disease development or even reverse it. Always remember about it and it will help you smile more often!












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