No bake tofu, mango and apricot cheesecake with pomegranate jelly (gluten free, vegan)

My first experiences with agar were difficult. Generally it’s hard to readjust yourself to a diffrent way of living. One day you decide you give up eating all those things that were your everyday order. My whole life I used gellatin. Agar was something strange I even didn’t know how to use it. Jellies made with it differ a liitle from those made with gellatin. I might say – they are less bouncy.

Tofu cheesecake served cold, no baking. Looks like a real cheesecake and this jelly on the top! I like it. What about you?




  •  70 g almonds
  •  90 g dried aoricots (sulphur dioxide free)
  •  50 g cashews (buttered)
  •  50 g coconut oil extra virgin
  • 100 g maple syrup
  •  60 g dessicated coconut


  • 100g maple syrup
  • a 4cm piece of crushed dried lemon zest (or fresh cut)
  • 400g mango
  • 40g freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 400g tofu
  • 50g cashew butter
  • 50g coconut oil extra virgin (melted)
  • 30g agar (plant based gelling agent derived from algae)


  • 250g freshly squeezed pomegranate juice (like lemon, you’ll need about 4 fruit)
  • 1/2 tsp agar


  1. Prepare a a cake tin 26cm diameter. Line it with a baking paper.
  2. Make cashew butter and transfer to another dish. Instructions here.
  3. Palce all “bottom” ingredients in a blender and mix on high speed to obtain as small parts as possible. Clean the mixing bowl.
  4. Press down firmly and evenly  obtained  light little bit oily mixture in a prepared baking dish with palms.
  5. Place lemon zest in a blender and crush. Such a small amount will be difficult to grind.
  6. Add remaining “filling” ingredients to a blender and mix until smooth and fluffy cream forms. If you have a cooking blender you may set 110°C temperature during mixing for 15 minutes to activate agar. If not transfer tofu-mango paste to a pot and bring to the boil. Reduce the temperature and keep heating for 15 minutes stirring all the time.
  7. Cover bottom layer with tofu paste with activated agar, flatten with silicone spatula or spoon and set aside. When cooled put into the fridge and start preparing jelly.
  8. Cut pomegranates in halfs and using citrus squeezer make pomegranate juice. Try not to rotate the fruit but rather press to obtain as much as possible sap.
  9. Set on the hot-plate in a pot, add agar and bring to boil. Reduce power and keep heating for five minutes. Let cool for a while and pour onto your cake.
  10. Put in a fridge  for few hours or in a freezer for one hour. Serve cooled.

Enjoy your meal!


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