If you come across my blog, probably it means you were looking for some information on the internetnet about autoimmune diseases and about diet, which would also tame your disorder or even bring the chance for remission.

This blog was brought to life to help others in their concerns and desperation that comes from chronic illness. Human feels very powerless being restricted to taking steroids and immunosuppressants, trusting the words doctors say, falls into depression.  Experiencing first-hand the everyday barriers I found this way leads me nowhere, that I am required to do a lot more. Not only for myself but for my close relatives.

From me to you!


Never let people tell you the food you eat has no influence on your body and only taking pills will help you calm down your furious immune system not to let him kill himself. Is our organism such a fool to commit a suicide? How would I get so lost to belive all that will be till the end of my life (or worse), that I have to get on with my disesease and undergo every wonderful treatment lenghtening my life including offered me last time chemotherapy? Just because I’ve never belived those words , I’m in such a point today and feel quite well!

Diet and healthy active lifestyle is frankly speaking 75% of your success. Remaining 25% are genetic susceptibility but good news is that we are able to reverseour genes! All you neet to have is patience and determination in accomplishing your goal, your health and well-being. You are an allround rider, the one who has a huge impact on your life functioning,  awareness of your disorder and knowledge about methods to supress it. Don’t loose your time, stop keeping yourself in depression, get started, help yourself and then other people around you!


My name is Anna Mojak. In 2008, I graduated in chemistry from the University of Wrocław, which gave me a large base to dig into topics that interest me. Every day, I am a wife and mother of two grown up children and I work in front of a computer and a CNC milling machine. It happened in my life that the flare up of the disease and the helplessness in treating it through conventional methods provoked me to develop a new passion and lifestyle to such an extent that I decided to do more studies, this time dietary studies, and spread my knowledge to others – including by writing of this portal.

I’ve been suffering from Sjögren’s Syndrome for 17 years. I also was diagnosed with Hashimoto in euthyreosis but after four months of gluten-free diet I got rid of anti-thyroidal antibodies. Lupus was induced under the medications and anti-cardiolipin antibodies  presence in IgG class was confirmed.

Many years I spent in unawarness what really my disease is. Equally often I asked myself a question why it was just me to go though it all? I don’t belive in accidents but in destination. In this regard I changed self-perception  from victim to a  chosen one. That one who is able to protect his relatives and show that if you only want everything is to be changed. Give them something very precious. Knowledge they won’t get at school, courage to distinguish around and assertiveness skills to tell commonness NO! Everything because of changes in nourishing I initiated at home. You also are the chosen one! Initially I wanted it to help me feel better. Later it became my lifestyle i diffuse it around me. Would you belive my 8 years old son can say NO when anybody tries to give him any sweets? That he doesn’t like any other cakes than those made at home?

If I had to describe my way of eating I would say : I’m not vegan because I don’t respect all vegan rules. The fact is I love vegan food and  generally cook this way. Sometimes it happens I eat sushi with smoked wild salmon or honey. That means I’m closer to vegetarians.  I don’t eat gluten, dairy , white refined sugar, eggs, bananas, pineapples, asparagus, pine nuts, guar gum and vanilla. My story <— here you can read more.

I hope you will find many recipes here that will help you become healthier and let you enjoy your meal!